Our History & Mission

51 Co-workers and $106.50…

Back in 1940, 51 Pacific Telephone and Telegraph co-workers decided that they could get lower-interest loans than banks would give them, and better protection for their savings, if they banded together. Pooling their money, they deposited a total of $106.50 to start Tacoma Telco Credit Union.

That original group of 51 eventually attracted over 115,000 member-owners. And the $106 grew in excess of $1.3 billion. The name changed over the years, most recently being Telco Community before becoming Sound Credit Union.

And what was once little more than some paper files and a few volunteers has become a network of  branches across the Puget Sound, all the financial services most of us ever need, and staff members who treat you like valued members and owners, because, guess what, that’s what you are!

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Goals & Values
Mission, Vision, & Service Promise

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