Direct Connect for QuickBooks®

Direct Connect is available for QuickBooks Business Software Users

With QuickBooks you can create invoices, track and categorize business expenses, and quickly gain insight into your income and spending. And now with Direct Connect, you can download your account information directly into QuickBooks with just your online banking login credentials. (Initial setup required – see below.)

It’s an easy and quick way to organize your business  finances without manually entering transaction information. Utilize the power of Direct Connect for QuickBooks to manage your business more effectively.

  • Save time and money with no manual data entry
  • View real-time account activity
  • Be sure charges, payments, and deposits are accurate and only entered once
  • Create invoices
  • Track and categorize expenses
  • Forecast your cash flow
  • Get instant insights into your spending
  • Create and follow a budget

Get Started

Choose the appropriate Getting Started Guide for your version of QuickBooks and your operating system:
Getting Started – QuickBooks for Windows
Getting Started – QuickBooks for Mac

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