Credit & Debt

What To Do If Your Income Is Reduced

It’s challenging enough to make a paycheck last when it comes on a regular basis – but what happens when you have to take mandatory read more >

The True Price of Credit

Buying with plastic can cost you little or plenty – depending on how you use it. Knowing the true price of credit before you charge read more >

The Basics of Mortgages

Because of the high cost of most real estate, very few people can purchase a home with savings alone. Therefore, if you are like the read more >

The Basics of Credit: What to Know Before You Borrow

In its most basic sense, credit means having the use of something before you pay for it. This ability to borrow adds flexibility to planning read more >

Minimize Your Debt: When Less is More

A $2,000 balance on your MasterCard – how did that happen? (Oh yes, dinner at Chez Fifi, new tires, school clothes for the kids…) Thankfully read more >

How to Establish Credit

Once, credit cards were only for the privileged few. The rest of us used cash – and when there was no more, we either had read more >

Fraud at ATMs

Due to increased security in credit card and Internet transactions, traditional targets of electronic theft, many thieves are turning to other options to steal money, read more >

Debt & Divorce

Divorce can be a long and painful process – but add debt issues to an already emotionally heated experience and the fire can quickly rage. read more >

Credit Cards & Teens: No Minor Issue

Credit cards are not just for adults anymore – in fact, one third of all American teenagers are cardholders. However, because it is so easy read more >

How to Get the Best Vehicle Financing Deal

Getting the best deal on automobile financing isn’t as easy as accepting the first offer you are presented with. To make sure you get the read more >

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