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Man and Woman assisting a girl while jumping

Smart Spending

Even if you are a smart spender, your kids will not necessarily pick up this habit unless you make it…
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Woman smiling while leaning on a wall

Starting a Budget

Starting a Budget You know you need a budget. Your household is spending money faster than it is coming in,…
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People sitting in the woods talking

The Zero-Based Budgeting Method

Getting your finances under control is nearly impossible without using some method of budgeting. Although you may shy away from…
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Young woman smiling as she walks down a South American city street because she's saving on travel expenses because she's paying no foreign transaction fees with her Sound credit card.
Adulting 101

Five surprise travel expenses that can break a budget

Even the most experienced traveler can run into unexpected expenses. To help you prepare for smooth travels, here are 5…
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Person sitting on bench outdoors
Estate Planning

A Death in the Family

One of the most emotionally vulnerable times in your life is also one of the times when you’ll need to…
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Person looking out at lake and mountains

The End of a Marriage

Nobody goes into his or her wedding day planning to get a divorce. Unfortunately, the hard truth is that half…
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A couple laying in the back of a car watching the sunset over a field of yellow flowers

Buying an Engagement Ring

When you’re buying your loved one an engagement ring, you might be experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. The prospect…
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Man walking out door

Should College Students Have Credit Cards?

College is full of lessons to be learned and one important lesson you should learn but most likely won’t in…
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Cars in a line
Home & Auto

Reading a Car Window Sticker

With new car prices are on the rise, consumers are paying closer attention to the sticker price at the dealer’s…
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