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Consider our low-payment auto loan alternative

Woman shopping for a leased car.

Save money with Auto Advantage, our low-payment auto loan alternative

The Auto Advantage program is a hybrid option that combines the benefits of a conventional loan with the flexibility of a lease. With this program, you pay for what you use, which offers a monthly payment savings of up to 30%-40% over conventional financing.

Here’s how it works.

  1. You pick out the car you want and we’ll figure the GFV (Guaranteed Future Value).
  2. We’ll subtract the GFV from the price of the vehicle and that is the amount your monthly payment is based on.
  3. At the end of the term, when the GFV amount is due (just like a balloon payment), you have flexible options for the vehicle: trade it in, sell it, refinance it, make the final payment and keep it or return the vehicle in lieu of making the final balloon payment.

Benefits of the Auto Advantage program:

  • The title is in your name.
  • You negotiate the purchase price of the vehicle.
  • There are no hidden costs.
  • You can pay off or refinance the loan at any time with no prepayment penalty.
  • You carry the level of personal insurance you choose.

Benefits of an Auto Advantage loan:

  • Save as much as 40% on your monthly payment vs. conventional financing.
  • Flexible loan terms from 24-72 months.
  • No down payment required and no prepayment penalties.
  • Payments are based on the actual use of the vehicle with a final balloon payment based on the projected resale value at loan maturity (GFV).
  • Eliminates the risk of negative equity associated with conventional financing.


Apply for an Auto Advantage Loan


All loans are subject to Sound Credit Union lending policies. Verification of income may be required. Offer, rate, and term are subject to change. If you elect to return the vehicle at the end of the term additional fees may apply. The Auto Advantage program is valid for autos and trucks up to 5 years old. Membership at Sound Credit Union is required to participate in this program. Sample payment: 3.14% APR would require 72 monthly payments of $229 for a $15,000 loan.

2% Cash Back Promotion: If the loan is closed within 24 months of opening, the 2% cash back award will be forfeited and added to the payoff amount. If you participate in this offer, you may receive Form 1099 MISC at year-end for tax purposes. This offer is not valid to refinance an existing Sound Credit Union loan and cannot be combined with any other loan offer or discount.



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