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What is a Live Video Teller?

Sound ITM Agent smiling at camera with headset on

Do More With Local, Live Video Teller Support

It’s an ATM+. It looks like an ATM, works like an ATM, but also has the option to speak to a live, local Sound teller on the other side.

How does it work?

It’s fast and easy to use! Just walk, or drive-up to the machine, touch the screen, meet your teller and start banking. You can do any transaction you’d do at a teller line, all with more convenience and greater privacy.

  • Cash checks
  • Make loan payments
  • Transfer money
  • Withdraw or deposit cash
  • Get several bill denominations
  • And more!

Don’t actually need to talk to someone? No problem. Just insert your debit card and the machine will function like an ATM.

Find Live Video Tellers at the following branch locations

Alderwood: 24/7 Drive-Up ITM

Bellevue: 24/7 Walk-Up ITM

Bonney Lake: 24/7 Drive-Up ITM

Graham: 24/7 Drive-Up ITM

Pacific Ave: 24/7 Drive-Up ITM

Redmond: 24/7 Drive-Up ITM

Westgate: 24/7 Drive-Up ITM


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