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Root Out Hunger in Western Washington

Food Drive Icon and Western Washington counties

Root Out Hunger

Donate canned goods or dollars at ANY Sound Branch Location. Supports food banks in the 17 counties of Western Washington.

Now through June 30, 2023


What does summer mean for kids?

For many, it’s a time for adventure and fun. But for families experiencing food insecurity, summer means reduced access to nutritious food.

During the school year, more than 250,000 kids in Western Washington rely on free and reduced meals provided at school. But when the cafeteria closes for the summer, children lose those meals—and miss out on essential nutrition. Today’s challenging economy only complicates the struggle for hardworking families whose budgets are already stretched thin.

Research shows that the average family’s grocery costs increase by more than $300 a month in summer.

This yearFood Lifeline Logo with soaring food costs and inflation, and the loss of $93 million a month in supplemental SNAP benefits in Washington state, that figure is estimated to be much higher. That’s why Food Lifeline is on a mission to nourish children and their families through our Root Out Hunger campaign.

With thousands of children missing out on school meals, providing additional food during the summer months is a critical first step. Equally important is our policy and advocacy work designed to mitigate food insecurity at its root causes. As advocates for increasing nutrition assistance programs, we hope to reduce childhood poverty and build healthier, thriving, families and communities.



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