Identity Theft Monitoring and Recovery

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States, affecting millions of Americans each year. Studies show victims spend an average of 49 hours on identity theft recovery, often giving up without ever restoring their identity to pre-theft status.

With Fraud-Defender, a fully managed identity theft monitoring and recovery program, you can be prepared to recover from identity theft before it happens. And if you find you are an ID theft victim, a personal recovery advocate will work on your behalf until your identity is restored as closely as possible to its pre-theft status.


  • Provides peace of mind with fully managed care
  • Offers help from licensed, caring professionals
  • Covers all types of identity theft—not limited to your accounts at Sound
  • Offers continuous credit monitoring
  • Up to $1 million of expense reimbursement insurance
  • Individual and family coverage options available

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