Certificate Accounts are perfect for:

Members who enjoy the convenience and safety of a savings account but want a higher-yield, fixed-term rate.

With a Certificate Account, you get:

Certificate Account Options

Open a certificate with as little as $500.

Bump Certificates¹
A Bump Certificate gives you a one-time option to ‘bump’ your rate higher for the remainder of your term and the option to add to the balance by making an additional deposit.

Flex Certificates²
With a Flex Certificate you have the option to add-on to your balance and bump your rate once per term. Plus, you can choose to make a one-time withdrawal penalty free.

Jumbo Certificates
Jumbo Certificates offer higher dividend rates on balances starting at $100,000, with terms from 6-60 months.

¹Certificate minimum balance is $2,500. Rate Bump: Upon request, the rate will increase once to the rate in effect for the same term Bump Certificate at the time. The new dividend rate will not be applied retroactively. Penalty Free Deposit: One-time additional deposit must be a minimum of $1,000 and cannot make the certificate exceed its maximum balance of $250,000.

²Add-on option: Minimum addition is $1,000; maximum is $75,000. Bump option: Upon request, rate will be increased to current Flex Certificate rate. Withdrawal option: Withdrawal amount cannot reduce the balance to less than the $2,500 minimum.

Routing #: 325183220

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