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Six quick tips for holiday shopping savings

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Holiday shopping season has snuck up on us yet again, just as it seems the summer heat gives way to crisp autumn evenings. There’s a fine balance between staying on top of your budget and staying sane amid all the shopping bustle. Many shoppers turn to big sale days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday to save, but you don’t have to brave the masses or camp out at the computer to save. Here are six more ways to save this holiday season.

Write a list and stick to your budget

There are many great apps available to help you keep track of your list and budget. Know how much you have available for your holiday spending before you go or get online.

Splurge on experiences rather than gifts

Memories you make together can be invaluable and don’t have to come with a big price tag. Donate your time to a local nonprofit or spend time with your family enjoying our local northwest coastlines and mountains.

Seek out price matching at local stores

Save time and gas by reducing trips to different stores. Many stories will match prices from local competitors. Be sure to ask what the store’s matching policy is.

Do your homework

Read online reviews before you make that big purchase. Research and compare different brands–there may be a lower-priced model or brand with all the features you’re looking for.

Do-it-yourself gifts

Hand-made gifts rarely go out of style and can last longer than their storebought counterparts. Pinterest and YouTube can help you find ideas and learn how to make unique gifts you give from the heart.

Get rewards while you shop

If you’re going to use a credit card, use one with a rewards program and a lower interest rate for even more value and savings.

Whether you’re a chronic procrastinator or a savvy shopper, by investing a little time into planning or making gifts, you can give your best and save a little, too.

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