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Plan for a Smooth Move: Don’t Forget These Common Expenses

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Moving into a new place can be an exciting time full of possibility. The last thing you need during this transitional time is unnecessary money worries. To cut down on stress, complete a spending plan for the move beforehand to avoid going into debt to cover your needs. Here are some potential “moving” spending categories to figure into your plan:

  • Income that will be lost because of time spent on the move
  • Extra rent that has to be paid after moving out or before moving into new place
  • Expenses of selling a home
  • Expenses for having your previous place cleaned
  • Cost of pre-trip vehicle tune-up
  • Transportation costs for you (plane tickets, gas, hotels)
  • Food while in transit
  • Moving company services
  • Large-item packing supplies for the move (blankets, foam, etc.)
  • Moving insurance
  • Storage facility fees
  • Smaller-item packing supplies like boxes, tape, markers, bubble wrap or foam peanuts
  • Pet transportation costs
  • Cost of shipping certain items
  • Parking fees
  • Temporary housing if you still need to look for a new place
  • Costs of buying a new home
  • Deposit for the new place if renting
  • Furnishings needed for new dwelling
  • Increases in utility expenses or fees for service start-up
  • Cost of registering your vehicle or getting a new driver’s license in the new location

While certainly a break in your routine, moving doesn’t have to be a time of calamity. With a little effort to be prepared, you can make your new start a happier one.

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