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Credit and Debit Cards

If unauthorized, fraudulent charges have cleared your account, or you believe you are a victim of a scam, contact us immediately.

Card controls are available in Online Banking, as well as through the Mobile App. Manage your cards by accessing your account from a personal computer or different device.

If you receive a call from the number 844-332-4899, please pick-up!

Sound Credit Union works with fraud protection services (Falcon) to continuously monitor members’ credit and debit cards for fraudulent activity 24/7/365.

If we detect transactions that occur on your card(s) that are unusual or outside of your standard spending patterns, this may prompt us to call your home or cell phone number associated with your Sound Credit Union account to verify potential suspicious activity on your card account(s).

Falcon will verify your identity; however they will never ask for your full card number, personal identification number (PIN) or the three numbers on the back of your card.

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We recommend letting us know prior to traveling outside of Washington State. Visa’s fraud prevention systems may block debit and credit card transactions made in other states or outside of your routine purchasing area. To prevent this, use Travel Notes in Online or Mobile Banking to enter the dates and your destinations before you go.

If you know the current PIN you may call 1.855.477.1141, option 3, to change the PIN. If you’ve forgotten your PIN you will need to call us or visit a Sound branch to have a new card reissued.

If you’ve been affected by fraud, here are a few steps we encourage you to take:

  • Call Sound Credit Union to report the fraud and have your debit or credit card blocked. After hours, call the lost or stolen credit card line at 1-855-477-1141.
  • Turn off any affected cards using the Card Controls feature in the Sound mobile app.
  • File a report with your local law enforcement agency. This is not a requirement to refund any money taken fraudulently, however, more information may help police find the people responsible.
  • Consider signing up for Fraud-Defender. Fraud-Defender is a fully managed identity theft recovery program that takes the work out of identity theft recovery. Covered individuals receive one-on-one help from a professional recovery advocate. Coverage is not limited to the account(s) you have with Sound Credit Union.

If Sound discovers that one of our branch ATMs had a skimming device fraudulently installed, we will contact members whose cards were used at that machine during the corresponding time period. We will also take additional steps to block possible fraud and ensure the safety at all Sound-owned ATMs.

For more information on how to protect yourself and what you can do if you suspect you are a victim of skimming, visit the resources below.

Fraud Defender

Yes. In order to participate in Fraud-Defender, you must have your own unique email address.

Any individual, 18 or older, who is covered by Fraud-Defender.

Credit monitoring is a service that identifies changes in your credit file and credit activity. Fraud-Defender credit monitoring is provided through a custom-designed interface to TransUnion credit data, providing you with continuous monitoring of credit activity. You will receive daily email alerts if there are changes in your credit file which may indicate identity theft. If there are no changes, you will receive an “all is well” email at least once a month.

A Fraud-Defender personal recovery advocate will be assigned to your case and will contact you within one business day. Your recovery advocate will place fraud alerts on your credit file, and complete a threat assessment to determine if any identity theft has occurred.

If identity theft has occurred, your recovery advocate will:

  • Assist you in completing an Identity Theft Affidavit and Declaration of Fraud to establish your rights as a victim.
  • Activate credit monitoring during your recovery to help you watch for additional signs of abuse.
  • Contact the Social Security Administration, U.S. Postal Service, Department of Motor Vehicles, etc., as applicable, to address any misuse of official documentation of your identity.
  • Research and document all fraudulent transactions and false accounts or contracts signed with creditors, banks, credit unions, utility companies, leasing agents, medical facilities, etc.
  • Follow up to make sure all wrongful activity is reversed and removed from your records.
  • Work with local and federal law enforcement to try to stop the criminal(s) who is using your identity.
  • Activate other members of the recovery team to assist when necessary, including professional investigators.
  • Provide 12 months of follow-up after your recovery is complete.

If you suspect identity theft, or your identity becomes compromised as a result of a lost purse or wallet, a break-in, lost laptop, or notification that your personal information was part of a data breach, contact Sound Credit Union immediately.

Coverage begins on the date you enroll and covers any identity theft events discovered after your effective coverage date.

If you are covered by Fraud-Defender and experience an identity theft event, you are assigned a recovery advocate who develops a customized Identity Recovery Plan and does all the legwork for you. Most other identity theft recovery programs include limited event, assisted or semi-managed recovery—requiring you to have the time, skills and knowledge to perform many of the recovery tasks yourself.

Fraud-Defender is a fully managed identity theft recovery program that takes the work out of identity theft recovery. Covered individuals receive one-on-one help from a professional recovery advocate. Recovery services are available for compromised identity and identity theft events of all types. Coverage is not limited to the account(s) you have with Sound Credit Union.

Online and Mobile Banking Security

Your account information is protected by your unique username and password combination. Do not share this information.

If your device is lost or stolen, please notify us right away. We can discuss additional security options with you at that time. If you are concerned about misuse of your phone, contact your mobile service provider immediately to stop all wireless service.

To change your digital banking password from a mobile device:

  • Log in and click the “More” icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Choose “Settings”
  • Choose “My Settings”
  • Scroll down and click the “Edit” link next to Password
  • Select a new password and click “Save”

Only devices with a fingerprint scanner will see this option.

iOS supported devices:

  • iPhone 5S
  • IPhone 6 & 6 Plus and newer
  • iPad Air 2 & iPad Mini 3

Android supported devices:

  • Galaxy S5 and newer
  • Galaxy Note Edge
  • Galaxy Alpha
  • Galaxy S5 Mini


Have a legal request for documents? Often courts will order copies of banking records for legal proceedings regarding garnishments, levies, or support. Courts will issue orders, or subpoenas, requesting information from financial institutions and banks.

Send legal and document requests to:
Sound Credit Union
Attn: Retail Operations Support
PO Box 1595
Tacoma, WA 98401-1595
or fax them to 253.383.2079.

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