MemberPass® - Digital ID

Yes. MemberPass can be removed from your account authentication process at any time. Simply contact us and we will be happy to disable this security feature.

If you lose your phone, your personal information in MemberPass remains encrypted and protected. Since MemberPass requires your biometrics or 6-digit PIN to unlock it, only you have access to authenticate your identity.

Your MemberPass personal information is encrypted and stored in a secure location on your smart phone. It’s not stored in a central database that could be hacked or accessed by others – it’s always with you, on your device.

Use MemberPass the next time you call or visit us instead of showing your ID or answering security questions.

  1. We’ll send a push notification to your phone.
  2. You login to your MemberPass app and acknowledge it’s you.
  3. That’s it!

Enrolling is quick and easy. Simply download the MemberPass app from the app store and contact us.  A representative will guide you through the process to get it set up on your account.

Download on the App Store    Get it on Google Play

MemberPass is a simple and secure replacement for traditional identity verification of showing your ID or answering personal questions. Once enrolled, using the MemberPass app will save you time by allowing you to verify your identity using secure push notifications from your mobile device.

No, there is no fee for Sound members to enroll or use MemberPass.

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