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How do I manage my payees?

Find the payee in your list and click on its corresponding Options link. The Options window will expand allowing you to perform the following tasks:

  • Your Bill (eBill): enroll/edit/un-enroll. This tab only appears if an eBill is available for the payee.
  • Next due reminder: add/edit/delete a next due reminder.
  • Automatic payment: add/edit/delete a recurring payment rule for a payee.
  • Expedited payment: send an expedited electronic or overnight check to a payee.
  • Account Information: add/edit your payee account information.
  • Delete payee: permanently deletes this payee from the system. If you need to make a subsequent payment to a deleted payee, you will need to add that payee again.
  • Hide payee: hides your payee from your payee list – a way to manage a long list of payees.

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