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Tools, tutorials and everyday advice to help you rock your personal finances.

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Annuities 101: How They Work And What They Can Do For You

Annuities should not tie all of your money down, but they can be a helpful part of your retirement strategy. Continue reading
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Successful business woman sitting in a boardroom with her colleagues

Understanding Sustainability: Benefits of Being Green

Whether you run your company from a small studio or a large manufacturing site, all businesses have some impact on the environment, with opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint. Continue reading

A woman working on a laptop.

Protecting Your Business: Safeguarding Your Business From Email Phishing

Business Email Compromise (BEC) isn’t new, but there are ways to protect your business and yourself from these phishing attacks. Continue reading

A woman cooking while looking over a recipe.

What Does It Mean to Spend Smarter?

There are a number of ways you can spend smartly and create some breathing room in your budget so you can end that paycheck-to-paycheck cycle once and for all. Continue reading

A confident woman smiling kindly at the camera.

Personal Loans 101: What Are They?

Personal loans can be an important tool when it comes to paying for life’s essentials or recovering from credit card debt. But before you sign the dotted line, here are some things you should keep in mind. Continue reading

University of Washington students working on a group project.

Sound Credit Union and UW Tacoma’s Milgard School Announce UW-Wide FinTech Pitch

A female student walking while holding her books.

Should I Take Out a Student Loan? When to Get Them and How to Manage

If you’re planning on going to college, you’re probably wondering “should I take out a student loan?” Here’s what you need to know. Continue reading

A small business owner looking at paperwork on her laptop.

How to Solve 80% of Your Accounting Problems

Accounting problems can have serious consequences for your business. Here we outline six ways to solve the majority of your accounting issues. Continue reading

A professional Asian man, smiling at the camera.

Understanding the Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Requirements

The bottom line, the US Government wants to check each company in the US is owned by a legitimate person, to avoid any company being used for fraudulent or criminal activity. Continue reading

A small business owner smiling happily at the camera.

The Benefits of Cash on Hand

While other aspects of business ownership are undeniably important, a crucial element in any successful business is its liquidity, or its cash on hand. Continue reading

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Savings Goal Calculator

This savings goal calculator will help you determine how much you’ll need to save each month in order to realize your next big purchase. Continue reading