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What is an Analysis Fee and why was I charged?

An Analysis Fee is the total of any transaction fees that have accumulated during the month on a business checking account. It is assessed on the last day of the month.

Because business accounts typically have larger and more frequent transactions than personal accounts, business accounts are subject to transaction fees.

For example, the Free Business Checking account is allowed 100 deposited items per calendar month with no charge. It is also allowed a total of $10,000 in cash in/out of the account per calendar month with no charge.

Fees are assessed if more than 100 items are deposited per month and/or more than $10,000 in cash moves through the account per month.

The checking account is analyzed at the end of the month and any assessed fees are debited from the account at that time in one lump sum, known as an Analysis Fee.

For a list of business account fees, see our Business Rates & Fees section.