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How does Sound clear transactions on my account?

To help you save money with the Courtesy Pay program, Sound Credit Union does five very important things which other institutions may not.

  1. ACH deposits (payroll, Social Security, etc.) are posted before ACH withdrawals (automatic deductions, etc.).
  2. We clear checks and ACH withdrawals from “low to high” in each file we receive, which means we clear the small dollar amount transactions before the large ones. In general, this allows more items to clear your account before Courtesy Pay is accessed, and you may experience fewer Courtesy Pay or non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees. (See example below.) Keep in mind that once a debit card is used, the merchant may place a hold on the funds for 1-5 days. If additional transactions are made that exceed the available checking balance, Courtesy Pay fee(s) may be charged.
  3. We will not charge a Courtesy Pay fee if the transaction that brings your account negative is $5 or less. (See example below.)
  4. Funds are transferred first from your savings account (or another designated account and/or line of credit) before accessing Courtesy Pay. The charge for overdraft transfers is $5 per day, regardless of the number of transfers, instead of the normal Courtesy Pay fee.
  5. Upon request, we’re happy to refund one overdraft fee every calendar year. Just ask.

Sound Credit Union
Clearing Items Low to High
Amount Account Balance
Beginning balance 1,000
Lunch 12 988
Gym Membership 75 913
Utilities 99 814
Rent 1,100 (286)
Overdraft Fee 29 (315)
Parking 4 (319)
Total Overdraft Fees: $29



Other Financial Institutions
Clearing Items in Order of Arrival
Amount Account Balance
Beginning Balance 1,000
Rent 1,100 (100)
Overdraft Fee 29 (129)
Gym Membership 75 (204)
Overdraft Fee 29 (233)
Lunch 12 (245)
Overdraft Fee 29 (274)
Utilities 99 (373)
Overdraft Fee 29 (402)
Parking 4 (406)
Total Overdraft Fees: $116

Please note: Debit transactions can clear at any time. Electronic Bill Pay withdrawals can happen at any time on the scheduled “Process Date.”