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Home Equity Loans

Put the equity in your home to work (or play) for you.

Home Equity Loans

Use your equity to fix up your fixer upper, cover major expenses, or consolidate debt.

Flexible Options

Get one lump sum or borrow what you need as you need it.

Flexible Terms

Up to 15 years on a Home Equity Loan.

No Upfront Fees

No application fees, processing fees, or closing costs.

Lower Interest Rate

On average, home equity loans offer lower rates than personal loans, student loans, or credit cards.

Easy Access to Funds

Access your line of credit with your Equity credit card and checks.

Potential Tax Savings

Interest paid on your home equity loan may be tax deductible.1

Find your home equity loan.

  • Great if you:

    Great if you:

  • Access to Funds

    Access to Funds

  • Rate type

    Rate type

  • Terms


  • Borrowing Limits

    Borrowing Limits

Fixed Home Equity Loan

  • Borrow one lump sum and make regular payments

  • Great if you:

    - Know exactly how much money you need
    - Want a consistent payment and rate

  • Access to Funds

    Disbursed to an account of your choice

  • Rate type


  • Terms

    5 to 15 years

  • Borrowing Limits

    Up to 90% of your home’s value

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

  • Borrow and pay back money as you need it

  • Great if you:

    - Don’t know how much you need
    - Want flexibility in your borrowing amount

  • Access to Funds

    - Equity credit card
    - Equity checks

  • Rate type


  • Terms

    10 year draw period with 15 years to repay

  • Borrowing Limits

    Up to 90% of your home’s value

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Open your home equity loan in a few steps.

1. Apply for your loan

Submit your application online or in a branch and find out what rate you qualify for.

2. Submit documents and get an appraisal

To process the loan, we’ll need proof of income and property details. We’ll also send an appraiser out to your home.

3. Get your funds

Once approved, you can access your funds from your Sound account, via check, or with an Equity credit card.

Discounts for Green Purchases

Receive an additional .25% off your rate when you use your home equity loan to finance qualifying energy-saving home improvements.
See what home improvements qualify »

Card Controls

Misplace your Equity card? Instantly lock your card and turn it back on using Card Controls, available in the Sound mobile app.
Learn about our mobile app »

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2.99% Intro APR on HELOCs for 12 months

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