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Sound has launched the Member Assistance Program to help.

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Minor Savings

Help your children learn the value of saving and earning interest.

Minor Savings

Help your children learn the value of saving and earning interest.

Help teach your child the importance of saving money and spending wisely.

Competitive Rates

Great rates mean your kid’s account will grow healthy and strong along with them.

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No Fees + No Minimum Balance

To encourage our young savers to use and explore their accounts, there are no fees or minimum balances.

Online and Mobile Banking Access

Easily manage your child’s account, make transfers, set up alerts, and more within your Online or Mobile Banking account.

Smart Money Habits Start Early

M3 Money Club and Elements of Money

Trying to encourage your kids to be good savers? All minor accounts include access to our M3 Money Club™ (11 and younger) and Elements of Money™ (12-17 years) programs.

Each offers deposit incentives, quarterly drawings, resources on how to save, and access to games, activities, podcasts and more online.

Learn more about each program on their websites.
M3 Money Club website »
Elements of Money website »

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Education Savings Accounts

Give your child a head start on their education with a tax-favored Education Savings Account (ESA). Funds can be used for both K-12 and higher education expenses.


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Sound gave $10,000 to students last year.

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