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A professional Asian man, smiling at the camera.

Understanding the Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Requirements

The bottom line, the US Government wants to check each company in the US is owned by a legitimate person, to avoid any company being used for fraudulent or criminal activity. Continue reading

A small business owner smiling happily at the camera.

The Benefits of Cash on Hand

While other aspects of business ownership are undeniably important, a crucial element in any successful business is its liquidity, or its cash on hand. Continue reading

A woman looking at a laptop while holding documents.

Business Growth Guide

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, this Business Growth Guide will help. Continue reading

A confident woman smiling at the camera with arms crossed.

Business Start-Up Guide

This Business Start-Up Guide is designed to help you turn that desire to start your own business into a reality. Continue reading

A plant shop owner smiling while working on a computer.

Exiting Your Business: What to Put in a Confidentiality Agreement When Selling Your Business

One way to limit who gets your information is to disclose only parts to general queries, and then only full disclosure to a person you’ve qualified as serious. Continue reading

A couple going over their financial documents together.

Exiting Your Business: The 7 Most Important Things Buyers Want

Buyers will need accurate and complete information to make an informed decision on whether your business is suitable for them. Continue reading

business colleagues discussing strategy on a smartboard

Exiting Your Business: Preparing For Due Diligence by a Prospective Purchaser

In much the same way that you’d spruce up your house before it goes on the market, give your business a makeover so that it’s presented to its best possible advantage. Continue reading

A man working in his office.

Exiting Your Business: First Steps to Selling Your Business

Create an action plan for any weaknesses in your business that you want to try to resolve. Continue reading

business expert preparing for presentation in empty conference room

Exiting Your Business: Maximize The Value of Your Business Before Selling

Getting the best price for your business means planning well in advance, even if the sale is years away. Continue reading

A group of businesswomen having a discussion in office.

Exiting Your Business: Finding The Right Successor For Your Business

Effective succession planning gives you the reassurance that your business will be in good hands after you’ve retired. Continue reading