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A young and confident businesswoman smiling at the camera.

Protecting Your Business: Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Protecting your IP assets also lets you maintain a competitive advantage and ensures that your hard work and financial investments are used to your business’s advantage. Continue reading

A confident business man laughing.

Protecting Your Business: Protecting and Valuing Your Intangible Assets

Businesses with intangible assets tend to be worth more than those that don’t. Continue reading

A plant shop owner smiling while working on a computer.

Exiting Your Business: Determining Your Exit Strategy

A clean exit is usually best, where you walk away with a substantial payout and are safe in the knowledge your business is in good hands. Continue reading

Business, presentation and man on a laptop in a corporate conference or office collaboration with a woman at work

Protecting Your Business: Protecting Your Business Online

Like most things in business, prevention is better than a cure; a little planning now could save you significant financial costs in the future. Continue reading

A man working in his office.

Protecting Your Business: Cyber Security FAQ’s

Good examples of cyber security measures include strong passwords, two-factor authentication, staff education, and pre-prepared disaster recovery plans. Continue reading

Man using laptop in office

Protecting Your Business: Developing an Early Warning System

The sooner you know something needs fixing the earlier you can remedy the issue and the stronger your business will be. Continue reading

Business Financial Health Check

Business Financial Health Check

Use our Financial Health check to find out the key business drivers to better succeed in your business. Continue reading

Successful business woman sitting in a boardroom with her colleagues

Calculator: Gross profit break-even

Breaking even at the Gross Profit level is a major step towards financial sustainability. Continue reading

colleagues having a quick meeting on the stairs of their office space

Growing Your Business: Ways to Identify New Markets and Customers

The better you know your target customer, the better you’ll be able to find more customers that fit the profile. Continue reading

team meeting of three colleagues reviewing business performance charts on tablet

Protecting Your Business: Protecting Your Business From Theft and Fraud

Protection from theft and fraud is down to being proactive, prepared, and having good systems in place to both discourage and detect theft and fraud Continue reading