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Beware: Scammers want to take advantage of you

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Beware: Scammers want to take advantage of you
Scams can come in many forms: email, text, a phone call, mail, or in-person.

Scammers want to take advantage of you.

They’re tricky and constantly creating new ways to get their hands on your personal information.

At Sound Credit Union, your privacy and security are a priority to us. Here are some tips to help protect yourself:

Use Strong Passwords

  • Use different passwords for each account. If you need help remembering your passwords, try using a password manager.
  • Don’t just protect your accounts – protect your devices too.  Use passwords on your phone and computer.
  • Try using longer passphrases instead of passwords.  They are easier to remember and more difficult to hack.
  • For more tips, click here to read our blog post.

Be Vigilant

  • Scams can come in many forms: email, text, a phone call, mail, or in-person.
  • If you receive an unsolicited phone call, do not provide the caller with your account number, passwords, or PINs.
  • Should you receive a suspicious phone call, verify that it’s authentic by calling them back using the phone number published on the company’s official website.
  • Steer clear of suspicious websites and links. Don’t click on a link without confirming the message is legitimate.
  • Delete emails from unknown senders.
  • Don’t reply, click on links, download attachments, or call phone numbers listed in suspicious emails.
  • Protect your personal documents – shred sensitive documents!
  • Learn more about protecting your account information.
  • Sound members have access to Fraud Defender, a fully managed identity theft recovery program that takes the work out of identity theft recovery.

Be Aware of Current Scams

Identity Theft

It’s unfortunate but many people become victims of identity theft – the crime of using another person’s personal information, credit history or other identifying characteristics in order to make purchases or borrow money without that person’s permission.

If you have your identity compromised, click here to learn about what steps to take.

We want to make sure you know how to protect yourself. If you feel someone has gained access to your personal information, please contact us immediately. Sound is here for you and together we can keep your personal information safe.

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