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Two female architects working on a project.

Starting Your Business: Business Plan Template

Detailed guidance on completing the various sections of this business plan template can be found at the end of the document. Continue reading

Ambitious woman standing in an office.

Starting Your Business: Sources of Small Business Funding

Consider a combination of sources of funds to ensure you have enough capital for a contingency fund, so you do not need to seek additional funding immediately after launch. Continue reading

A couple going over their financial documents.

Starting Your Business: Raising Capital

Regardless of where you get the capital from, the more prepared you are the better. Continue reading

A young woman working in a lab.

Managing Your Business: Reducing Your Overheads

Outsourcing frees you up to spend more time completing activities that grow your business. Continue reading

A young and confident businesswoman smiling at the camera.

Starting Your Business: Step by Step Toolkit Plan

Having a clear idea of your motivation can impact you further down the track and set you up for success. Continue reading

A woman working on financial documents while taking a phone call.

Manage: Unlocking the Cash in Your Business

If your business is short of cash, the money you need might already be there locked up in stock, assets or your debtors’ book. Continue reading

A man smiling at the camera in a meeting room.

Assessing a New Market for Viability

Assessing growth potential in new markets requires some common sense, critical thinking and analysis. Continue reading

A confident woman sitting at her workspace.

Preparing your SBA Loan Application

No matter what wave of life your business is in, Sound Credit Union is here for you. Continue reading

An older woman doing work on a laptop.

The 6 Business Numbers to Track Success

The more you observe what the numbers are doing, the faster you’ll see what’s working and what isn’t, so you can take immediate action. Continue reading

A confident business man laughing.

Make Room To Grow With a Sound SBA Loan

Our Business Loan Officers will work with you, one-on-one, to find the right financing for your business property. Continue reading