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Adulting 101

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Identity Protection

Beware: Scammers want to take advantage of you

Scammers want to take advantage of you. They’re tricky and constantly creating new ways to get their hands on your…
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Direct deposit at Sound

Direct Deposit at Sound

Sound Credit Union’s routing number is 325183220 COVID-19: April 15 stimulus checks have begun posting to Sound Credit Union accounts.…
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Home & Auto

Understanding Mortgages

Most people will need a mortgage to finance the purchase of a home. A mortgage works much like any other…
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Starting a Budget

Starting a Budget You know you need a budget. Your household is spending money faster than it is coming in,…
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Male and female teenage food bank volunteers sort canned food items in cardboard boxes.
Get Involved

Avoiding charity scams

When natural disaster threaten, our thoughts turn to finding ways to help. During and after disasters, scammers seek to take…
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Young woman smiling as she walks down a South American city street because she's saving on travel expenses because she's paying no foreign transaction fees with her Sound credit card.
Adulting 101

Five Surprise Travel Expenses That Can Break a Budget

Even the most experienced traveler can run into unexpected expenses. To help you prepare for smooth travels, here are five…
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Estate Planning

A Death in the Family

One of the most emotionally vulnerable times in your life is also one of the times when you’ll need to…
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Dollar Bill
Job Changes

Understanding and Directing Your Withholdings

You just got your paycheck. Your eyes scan down the list of deductions and settle on the most important part—your…
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Adulting 101

Choosing your Financial Institution

What was the very first financial choice you ever made? Think about it: it likely took place before your first…
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